SEO for Beginners Guide

show parts of enhancing SEO
show parts of enhancing SEO

SEO for Beginners Guide

Have you ever thought about SEO? If you already want to learn SEO, we will do our best to help you understand all of the information around this aspect. Take your time and carefully read and comprehend this essay. Before starting, you must understand SEO because it is very important for business growth. Let’s begin without time-wasting.  

What is SEO?  

SEO is any activity or modification in some parts of your website which make users interact with your website and spend a long time on it to have value. SEO consists of 3 components: on-page SEO, off-page SEO and technical SEO.

We will talk about 2 components: on-page SEO and off-page SEO.

You build your website to give value for your users. After this, you try to make users have a good impression of your website.  

Search engines are one of your users. At the same time search engines help people to find your content. So, we can say that SEO is about understanding your users’ needs and present good quality content to them.  

Before anything, you must make sure your website is on Google.  

How do you know if your website exists on google or not?  

show how by using Google confirm that your website exists on Google
how to confirm that your website exists on Google

Write in google search “site: (the link you want to check).”

For example: (site:
And you will have the results shown as below.  

show how you make sure your website exist on google
how to make sure your website exist on google
the result of your searching about if your website exist on Google or not
The result of your search about your website existence on Google

 What if you searched but didn’t find anything?

Guess why you don’t find your website on google?  

  1. You built a new website but google has not crawled it yet.  
  2. Your website misses the connection with Google.  
  3. An error occurs when google tries to crawl it.  
  4. The design of your website isn’t well enough, which prevents Google from crawling it.  
  5. The policy of your website makes google can’t crawl it.  

When you want to establish a new website, you should ask yourself some questions   

  • Before anything, do my pages or websites appear on Google or not?
  • What is the type of content I present on my website? is it a good content or a meaningless content?
  • If local businesses appear on Google?
  • Is there security on the website or not?
  • Does my content work on all devices or not?

How does Google find your website?  

The first step is connecting your website with google to find you. The best method for doing this is by creating a sitemap.  

A sitemap is a document on your website which tells Google about any modifications that occur on your website.

How can you help google and users to grasp your content?

We will mention all modifications and enhancements which you can apply to your website.

On-page SEO

is any modification or change occur inside any website. We will list some factors which help you to do On-page SEO.

Make google see your website as the user see it  

When the Googlebot crawl page, it must see this page like the user sees it.  Googlebot discovers CSS, JavaScript and image files on your website.

If your robots.txt file can’t discover these assets in your website it will negatively affect your website ranking. Use the URL Inspection tool to help you detect the problems indexing in your website and how to fix it.  

Create an attractive page title  

A page title is an element that tells search engines and users the title of the topic. You should select your words carefully.

The page title will appear in the results of search engines, it must be related to the content of your page.

show example of title tag
Title tag example

Use meta description  

Meta description of any page gives a summary of what this page contains.  The meta description is one sentence or two, or one paragraph, while the page title is a few words or phrase   

picture show example of meta description
Meta description example

Source: Searchmetrics

Why is meta description very important?  

Google may use the meta description as a snippet for your page on google results .

What should you consider when you are writing a meta description?  

  • Write a description that is clear and meaningful for the users, there is no minimum or maximum for this description. But make sure it is appear fully in the search results.
  • It should contains all information that makes the user diced if this page is useful for him or not.
  • Use unique meta descriptions for each page on your website  

What you must avoid when you write the meta description?  

  • Writing meta description which has no relation to the content of your page.
  • Using general description.
  • Copy and paste a part from the page content and use the exact part as a meta description for the page. 
  • Don’t use one meta description for all of your website’s pages. 

Use heading tag which makes content readable 

show how by using heading your content will become readability
How to use heading to make your content more readable.

source: data flair.

By using heading you can create a good structure for your content. It makes it easy for the user to understand the content and also easy to navigate through the page.  

Use headings tag in a way that makes sense. Increase the number of heading makes the content very hard to understand and can’t detect when the topic ends or another begins.   

What you should avoid when you use the heading tag?  

  • heading tag which can’t give clear definitions for its below text.
  • Erratically when you move from heading to another.
  • Using long heading.

Use structured data within your website  

Structured Data and Schema Markup
Structured data

Source: rankya

Structured data is essential for the description of the content of your page to search engines. After the search engines understand the content, it considers your content as useful or useless content to users.  

It also increases your existing in google search results.

The key point in this existing is the excellent established structured data that make your page valid to many features in Google search results.

Make sure that you Organized your site hierarchy 

Understand how search engines use URL 

Search engines need a unique URL for your content to crawl and index it. URL consists of more than one component as it is shown in the picture.  

show component of URL
Component of URL

 Source: insider 

show what you should avoid when you create URL
What you should avoid when you create URL

Source: rockcontent        

Navigation is important for search engines  

show how using navigation will make users reach the content easily
How using navigation will make users reach the content easily


The navigation is very important to users because it helps users to reach the content quickly and easily.  

It helps search engines to detect what is the important content in the website.  

The importance of homepage in navigation  

All the websites have a homepage. It is considered as the starting point for many visitors.

You must have enough pages which contain more specific content, so visitors can go from the homepage to another page. This will give the users a good impression about the website.  

Use the breadcrumb  

show what is the breadcrumb
what is the breadcrumb

source: GitHub

Breadcrumb is internal links at the top or the bottom of the pages that make users move through the different pages on your website.

Create a simple navigational page

A navigational page is a page on your site which displays the structure of your website.

Search engines also visit these pages to cover the pages on your website. Make it as easy as possible to help users to go from general content to more specific content on your website. 

You should consider the following points when you are creating a navigational page:

  • Make sure that every page on your website is easy to be reached by users.  
  • Avoid creating very complex navigation links.  
  • Avoid creating navigation depending on images or animations.

 Native and good quality content  

Make your site gives value. Creating native and unique content is a great factor that influences your website than anything we mention here.

When the users find you present high-quality content, they take the excellent impression and will tell their friends. To create unique content, you should know what your users want?  

Use high-quality images  

Use commonly supported images file types. Most browsers support JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, and WebP image formats.

Make your site mobile-friendliness.  

show mobile-friendliness will enhance on-page SEO
Mobile-friendliness will enhance on-page SEO

People all over the world use their mobile to search on google. The desktop version of the site is difficult to work on mobile devices so you must make your website mobile-friendliness.  

What is off-page SEO and how can you help you to have a high rank.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is seo.png
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is seo.png

The modification and enhancement on your website are half efforts and the other half effort is off-page can increase your appearance in the results of search engines.  

The integration between on-page SEO and off-page SEO makes you have a high rank and high revenue.  

 Moz estimates that an off-page SEO strategy increases your ranking up to 50%. This means that using off-page SEO becomes very important.  

Although some owners of the website still focus only on on-page SEO.  It’s time to know

what is off-page SEO  

show how by using SEO you will have high rank
show how by using SEO you will have high rank

Off-page SEO is any tries and efforts out your website that you work on to optimize your ranking in search engines.  

Google doesn’t rank you only on the optimization in your site only. but your presence entire the web through backlinks too. Backlinks only give you 16% of your ranking on search engines.  

Off-page SEO is a record of people who talk about your brand or website.  When an authority website uses your blogs and puts your website link to help people learn more.

This authority passes to your website and gives you a high rank.  So, you must determine the factors which help you to enhance off-page SEO  

What are the factors which affect off-page SEO?  

  • Backlinks  
  • Brand mentions  
  • Guest posts  
  • Social media  
  • Influencer marketing  

Off-page SEO is a little difficult when you apply it because it is out of your website. 

Off-Page SEO Checklist  

  • Analyze your backlink profile  
  • Conduct link-building outreach  
  • Leverage social media  
  • Increase branded mentions  
  • Optimize local SEO  

Off-page SEO is a great tool to boost your presence on the internet. We will talk about these factors.  

Analyze your backlink profile  

Backlinks are the most important factor in off-page SEO because it builds the authority of your page. Google depends on this authority to rank the results.  Backlinks are signals to attract the search engines to your content.  

There are two types of backlinks   

  • Natural links   
  • Unnatural links  

Natural links occur when the publisher links to you.  

Unnatural links occur when you build these links.  

Your strategy for building links must start with checking your website link profile by using a backlinks checker from Moz,ahrefs, and semrush  

show ahrefs tool which can detect your website backlinks
show ahrefs tool which can detect your website backlinks
show ahrefs tool which can detect your website backlinks
show ahrefs tool which can detect your website backlinks

These services will show you how many links you presently have to your site as well as your domain authority (DA). Examine which pages already have a large number of connections.

This information will tell you which components are the most successful and may be useful for building more links.  

As you establish links to your website, keep an eye on the anchor text of your links. Each link’s anchor text should be diverse and relevant to your niche.  

Google may penalize you if you use too many identical anchor texts. Optimize your existing backlinks by removing connections from irrelevant and low-quality websites.  

You can also see the different sorts of links you have, which will be a mix of Dofollow and Nofollow. You want Dofollow links since Nofollow connections are largely ignored by Google.  

While analyzing your website, it’s a good idea to check your internal links to confirm your on-page SEO is optimized. After all, off-page SEO works best when integrated with a comprehensive SEO plan.  

Examine your immediate competitors as well as competitors who frequently develop content to rank for the same keywords.  

Take note of which websites connect to your competitors and whose content has the most links. This is referred to as a link intersect analysis.  

Conduct Link-Building Outreach  

It is time to build your backlink profile there are several methods to do this  We will mention the most common methods  

Discover on Broken links

This strategy is to find broken links to resources or references on other websites.  You can identify all the broken links with many tools like Linkminer with one click.  

show by using  Linkminer how you detect the Brocken backlinks
show by using  Linkminer how you detect the Brocken backlinks
Write Guest Blogs  

Offer to create one-of-a-kind posts for blogs and other publications. Guest blogging, when applied effectively, maybe a good strategy to receive a link back to your website from a high-authority website.  

Identify Unlinked Brand Mentions  

When a blog or other publication mentions your website without linking to it. you should reach to them and ask them to link to your homepage or topic page  

Pitch Shareable Content  

Infographics receive 178% more links than ordinary articles. Creating infographics, videos, press releases, and list articles will help you to get more links.  

 Find publishers who are already publishing on the topic of your content and send them an email to see if they are interested in sharing your unique content with their audience.  

Keep Link Quality in Mind  

You should know the quality of the links is more important than quantity. You must pay for links google will identify on it and you will fall in a penalty from Google.   

Put these link factors towards your eyes when you build links.  
Of the website Of the Link 
Website relevancy Anchor text 
PageRank Dofollow link
Authority of linking domainDiversity of link

Impact social media  

show the impact of social media on off-page SEO
show the impact of social media on off-page SEO

Traffic from various sources is a positive indication to google. so you should consider social media in your off-page SEO strategy.  

So why social media is very important?  

When you share your content across social media channels this increases your chance of reaching those who are interested in your content.  

Influencer marketing may also boost your website’s off-page authority and bring your content in front of more people.  

Boost Branded Mentions  

Branded mentions can have a beneficial influence on your search rankings even if there are no links. This is because they serve as an implied link.  

Since that links are Google’s indicator for online connections, it stands to reason that mentions would likewise give related information.  

You may optimize for social media brand mentions as an off-page SEO aspect. Create an engaging and targeted social media strategy to boost the number of times your business is mentioned across numerous platforms.  

Improve Local SEO  

If your company has a physical location or service area, local SEO is a must-have kind of off-page optimization.  Google My Business is the primary local off-page SEO method that you should implement.  

Final Thoughts: What Is Off-Page SEO and How Can It Be Improved?  

Off-page SEO is critical for ranking in search results, driving visitors to your website, and developing your brand.  

The most important element that great off-page SEO tactics share is authority and trust. Links, mentions, and social signals all work together to paint a holistic picture of your brand’s authority.  

Active link-building and social media methods will help you enhance your off-page SEO significantly.  

Finally, I hope you understand the aspect of SEO and how to use this aspect to increase your website ranking.

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