why ux design is important

Reasons Why UX Design Is Important for Your Brand

You know in the Industrial Revolution we started making things like chairs and then we started making complex things like machines like cars and then in The 80s we started making machines that sit on people’s desks so consumer products and we had to figure out how do we create complex machines that everyone can use now.

This mobile phone is a machine in my pocket.

The computer used to take up an entire room but now they’re in everyone’s pockets so how do we create incredibly complex systems but build them in a way that people can understand them and that requires deep knowledge of the system itself but also human beings.

The skills in UX are universal whether you take it to mobile design native app development or just into your day to day live the idea of looking at your surroundings designing systems that work for your problem solving they’re the most basic thing that humanity does,

First of all, we need to know more about UX,

What is a UX design?

why ux design is important

UX stands for User Experience. User experience surrounds all aspects of the end user’s interaction with the company and its products and services.

The focus of user experience is on finding synergies between business goals and user needs.

In simple words, it relates to what the user feels while using the application, website, or software. It caters to the user’s needs through preferences, perceptions, emotions, feelings, and more.

Positive UX design enhances ease of use, accessibility, and is a pleasure to interact with your website or application.

Simply put, the user experience aims to delight the user while using the design, making sure that the design meets the user’s needs and helping him to reach what he aims for completely.

Making it easy to access, use and benefit are what a User Experience Designer does.

As UX designers you’re taking into consideration the technical capabilities along the way a UX designer focuses on what is the real KPIs that that business is trying to achieve

and how do we get the best return on investment on any strategies or tools or tips or whatever we try to implement along the way.

A UX designer is consistently testing those ideas as well never feeling like those ideas are hard and fast rules but always in a mindset of an iterative design process seeking new and more efficient ways than the way suggested in the beginning.

So UX designer is never 100% happy all the time it’s always a learning process something that you can consistently improve,

The term UX design has become a major buzzword in today’s tech industry but what is UX design and what does UX designers do UX design stands for user experience design in other words the design of experiences for users and experience is any interaction.

why ux design is important

Someone can have with a product and a user is well people like you your mom your dad your best friend.

You’re technologically challenged Roommate a user can be anyone in the whole world.

You can imagine designing interaction for this many different people might be a challenge this is exactly why UX design and UX designers are so important.

the term user experience was first coined by a man named Don Norman in the 90s, you could call him the dawn of UX design.

Don Norman was an electrical engineer and cognitive scientist at Apple back before Apple became the tech giant,

It is today while working for them as user experience architect,he developed and promoted a user-centered design process that placed the needs of the user at the forefront of the product creation.

A concept that was pretty unique at the time while Don Norman wasn’t the first one to begin experimenting with the concepts behind user-centered design.

His approach was what helped it blossom into a fully-fledged field and with it came the birth of the UX designer products built specifically to cater to our needs sound great right!

But what does that actually mean and more importantly, how in the world would someone design that probably the easiest way to explain!

This would be by looking at some examples think of something in your life it’s super easy to use so easy you don’t even have to.

Think about it take a banana For instance a banana comes with its case making it easy to carry around without getting your hands sticky the

The case even acts as a freshness protector keeping the fruit inside from going bad before you eat it as if that weren’t enough a banana even has its built-in rightness detector

When it’s green you know to wait for a little longer

When Brown you know you’ve waited too long

When it’s yellow well as Goldilocks once said this banana is just right great job buddy

But what about something that isn’t so easy to use..

Something with bad UX and the type of product users may not be so happy to use there are plenty of examples out there take apple magic mouse – sure it may function fine as a mouse but if you ever wanted to charge you have to plug it in on the bottom of the mouse the location of the charge for it makes it impossible to use the mouse as it’s being charged meaning you’ll have to let it sit for an hour or two before you can use it again not a great design choice for most users,

Especially those that work in an office and can’t charge their Mouse’s overnight

UX designers act as advocates for their users they research iterate on and test various design solutions making sure the product is as easy to use as possible,

And solves a problem for the users for instance.

Let’s return to our Magic Mouse example perhaps Apple didn’t think about how users might want to use their Mouse,

While it charged or perhaps they didn’t research a large enough group of users to identify this the potential problem the mouse is a pretty revolutionary tool,

But without the input of the actual people who will use it the users, it could never reach its true potential and it’s the job of the UX designer to remind us of that by interviewing and surveying Mouse users all over the world.

The UX designer could have learned about their charging habits and planned for a more convenient charging port before the initial designs were even drawn but even if they missed during the research phase they could have discovered this issue through testing of low budget prototypes after receiving feedback.

They could have then recommended changes in updates to the initial design for the next release UX design isn’t limited to tech either companies from every field are starting to realize the difference

They can make in their products and services when they have a UX designer to speak for their user’s retailers fashion giants and even furniture companies are all beginning to embrace.

The principles of UX to help them produce products that solve problems for their customers along with the customer service to match.

UX design is all about helping people in solving problems think of the UX designer as a licensed simplifier coming up with elegant thought-free solutions to the problems of tomorrow whether that’s designing the world’s most convenient Mouse coming up with a hassle-free checkout method for your favorite online store or even just making it easy to set your alarm in the morning

UX designers have got you covered they make the world a more user-friendly place.

The Business Value of UX Design

Now today when I talk about the business value of UX design

As we mentioned before, the simple definition of what exactly is UX design surrounds all of the aspects that the end-user will interact with that company or service

UX design is consistently trying to find the synergy between the business goals and the user’s needs.

why to business is UX designers are so essential

now when we talk about how our design can be measured there are six ways that I want to kind of share initially on how you can measure the impact of UX design

The first thing is about increased cells

the second thing on how we can be measured and not only that why you should invest in UX design it’s not only because it increases in cells but it increases engagement in UX design can increase adoption with the ease of use of a product it can increase the retention of your users okay not only that you can save time

I’m going to show you later down in this article also brand loyalty is so important us designers can help to improve that through really refining the customer journey for that business as

Well now one way UX designers go about achieving goals is by understanding the product strategy or some said to call it UX strategy or the product strategy I like to say it’s the same thing and

the reason why is because the UX strategy or the product strategy takes into consideration what is the business trying to achieve while the real return on investment for this business

what the key KPI is that this team is trying to reach is it the marketing team needs to get involved and you need to understand

the language and the lingo that they’ll be speaking about for example the marketing team cares about CPC and CTR

so click cost per click or click-through rate these are the kind of things that you want to try and understand now a UX designer has to do a combination of facilitation workshops to help their business understand what their strategy is and how to go about achieving those goals.

a great book is by a guy by the name of Jake Knapp and it’s called sprint helps you to solve big problems and test new ideas in just five days

why ux design is important

why ux is important

But as we kick into the business value of our design the thing I want to start with

Today is I give one of you an example of user experience right now everybody knows

why ux is important

Heinz ketchup is one of the things a lot of people used to put on chips,

So everybody would have this glass bottle and then you know you having to smack the back of a glass bottle to get the ketchup out

But the Heinz ketchup bottle is one of the most well-known symbols since the product

Launched in 1896 Heinz has continually evolved the design and the packaging of the sauce with such innovations,

As they move from glass to plastic bottles in 1987

But by 2001 the company realized that it was time to make a significant shift the first design of that top-down was law.

In the UK in 2003 and within weeks it was exceeding all expectations more than seven million of the bottles were sold.

In the first 12 months more than three times the base estimate of 2.2 million cells so they sold three times more than their base estimate.

In early 2004 a second design came into play making it one of the most iconic or the more iconic 57 varieties via embossing right.

This move ensured the brand’s heritage

And long-term values were maintained throughout the transition.

So let me talk about UX design we’re talking about how are the users experienced the product and how can we improve that experience along the way so Heinz did a very key example here and not only that you saw real revenue increase along the way so the key takeaways,

They had to observe their customers using the product and in observing them using the product they realized that there were really good areas of improvement, they made significant shifts from material changes right

So that over here it was glass then they moved to plastic when making that shift they realized they were still more to do,

Anyway so they first made the shift of plastic then they changed the design and rotated it so that everything came out the bottom robber Dan everything coming out the top.

The new design was successful because it solved a real genuine problem for the people that use it for the parents for the children and anyone that’s using it instead of having to smack the back of the bottle it’s always upside-down everything always goes right to where it needs to be and you can squeeze the bottle and get the last remaining drop of ketchup out as you want to.

So it saw the genuine frustration that people had when using that product so this is important for us to understand that when it comes on to improving user experience it does have business value to the weight,

It can help customers feel better about the products they’re using but also the businesses can achieve the goals that they want to achieve by selling more products increasing so it’s important to get customer satisfaction to finally reach out to increase in sales,

Increase in engagement increase in real return on investment on every KPI that trying to meet as well

So UX designers are essential to business growth

There’s a great quote here by a name by Charlie Claxton who’s the head of UX design at Amazon and Amazon is the biggest e-commerce company in the world.

And this is what he said “every dollar invested in UX yields a return between 2 and $100.

Let me repeat another way, UX yields a return between 2 and $100 on every dollar invested”  

There’s a great book by a gentleman by the name of Robert,

Pressman and says in his book software engineering a practitioners approach

“Every dollar spent to resolve a problem during product design ten dollars will be spent on the same problem during development and multiply to $100 or more if the problem had to be solved after the release of the product”

So you can see there’s a 10x increase in cost to improve a problem after a product has been released

why ux design is important

so it’s very important to think about not throwing money away and that’s why UX designers can help to align the thoughts of every one technical project managers, stakeholders,

Everybody aligned thinks in the right way understanding the strategy.

Understanding the key features

But the UX designer is talking to your customers as well making sure that your stay in the lines of the business goals and the user’s

A recent study by Forrester found out that a great user interface design could increase conversions at a rate of about 200 percent.

A great UX design could increase the same by 400%

By the way, Forrester is one of the most influential research and advisory firms in the world. We help leaders across technology, marketing, customer experience, product, and sales functions use customer obsession to accelerate growth.

So it’s really powerful when you understand the value of UX design and how it can double and triple your business,

I give another example

Through staples, they focused on a user-focused redesign of their website and increase the revenue sales by 500%

500% increase in revenue just by focusing on what the users need and how do we increase their experience through this digital platform on the website.

Right now when customers come to your site you only have seconds to influence them,

So investing in UX optimization is necessary to quickly gain trust, brand recognition and to ensure user retention.

Now when it comes on to calculating the return on investment.

First of all, when they give you another set of research done by Forester you know we know that usability has a big effect on customer satisfaction so much that one-one

·        increases their willingness to pay by 14.4%

·        reduces their reluctance to switch brands by 15.8%

·        boosts their likelihood to recommend a product by 16.6%

And this is the thing that all brands want word-of-mouth marketing is the two cheapest but the most effective way to market your product.

If you can increase the customer satisfaction and make it the best you possibly can they will increase their like their ability not to switch from your copy to competitors but likely to share that with a friend or an associate as well.

A great behavioral psychologist by the name of Dr. Susan Wine stick outlines

the benefits of user experience you can avoid unnecessary rework for programmers your developers by 50% just by having a UX designer take time to understand what the business is trying to achieve,

The features that you need to be designed why you need them designed who is the user that you’re designing for key questions simple questions but you ask but is when you ask those questions

The next thing you can do with UX design she found out is that you can reduce a developer’s time and you know and that makes sense if you’re avoiding rework they don’t have to go back and redo code on certain things which means that they can focus on new features and you know implement in new systems and tools to improve what has already been done which means that you know she found out a 33% reduce if that development time can be seen when you apply UX design a lot earlier,

Which by default affects your bottom line means you have more money to play around with things like user testing,

For example or maybe you might spend more time prototyping it depends on how you want to reallocate that fund those funds but it’s so important to see.

The real business value of UX design as well so like I mentioned earlier product strategy or US strategy is so important to apply it early in this diagram I show you

You see that without you ecstatic when you start a design you get into testing revisions product production and then you know you’re launching it out with your marketing campaigns,

but when the release date happens there are going to be a combination of fixes that you may need to do on that website that web app that you’ve launched and those fixes will be increased a lot more simply because you haven’t applied UX design in the beginning,

UX strategy

So let’s talk about UX strategy when you’re thinking about having real solid work done before you even start any design the UX designer will understand the customer journey who we’re designing for how we’re designing what systems are we designing for you know what tools are platforms are we designing on you know

These are some key questions that the US designer understands is helping to align would have done a combination of facilitation workshops with the technical team project managers with your stakeholders all of these

people would have been in the room understanding and getting solid alignment from everybody involved in a project along the way you also may have been able to allocate funds to test him a bit more.

But by the end, after your release date, there is less time spent on fixing errors because as a UX designer you’d have worked with the team along the way you’re speaking to customers,

The way so you can rapidly make quick changes you’re speaking to developers you’re helping developers understand what the customers are asking for your help in developers maybe see certain things that you know stakeholders are asking for.

These are the types of things that UX designers are really helpful to do in a project as well.

So in our paper Dr. Susan why stick this behavioral psychologist she outlines three useful equations for calculating and saving costs

So one thing she says the number of errors times the average repair time times employee costs times the number of employees equals cost savings so the cost of development and maintenance number of changes multiplied by the average hours per change times by the cost of a developer equals some savers


If you take the time saved multiplied by an employee cost times by the number of employees what cost savings are you making to that business.

why us is important

I’ve plugged in some random numbers again 1.5 million potential savings but it just depends on the business

But a point we’re making with these great equations that dr. Susan has put together it can help you as a UX designer see the real benefit that you are applying to a business if you’re helping these developers save time that without you how much longer would it have taken for them to understand the key features for them to have prioritized those key features to understand who they are developing for,

These are the types of things you have to think about but if you can plug it into a simple equation like this,

You can then go back to the key stakeholders in that project and showcase how valuable you are to their projects as well.

So here I want to talk about

The time benefits of UX design

In this case study, Mozilla saw a 70 %decrease in support calls after spending about 14 weeks focusing on usability and iterative design.

So now I want to talk about,

How much should you spend on UX design

So for any business, how do you understand, where those project costs are allocated to what you’re doing?

A UX design budget should cost roughly between 10% to 20% of the total project budget.

So whatever that total project is costing 10 to 20 % should be allocated to use experience design and that usually will yield the best return on investment that said your UX budget spending won’t look the same as the next company.

So you may spend more on research whereas others may spend more on prototyping it will usually depend on your specific project and the business goals and objectives

So like I was mentioning earlier you could see then that UX design is very essential to businesses and it’s so important that you have a solid business strategy as well you saw the diagram that I presented to you earlier with real good UX strategy or product strategy however you want to call it, is so important to see that when applied very early on in a business it can have real business value further down the line.

So if you look at design-led companies you can see that they are in the Billy in gosto revenue if you look at a company that Airbnb that’s now valued to over 90 billion dollars they’re using the principles of design thinking.

They’ve attributed that way of thinking to the increase in sales for their business may be what real good UX designers doing some amazing work there

As well so if you look at a company like Netflix

Netflix has been producing the most content especially natively on their platform as well they have an Omni channel seamless experience for a mobile tablet TV as well as desktop

It’s an incredible experience that you have for Netflix they’re spending about six billion dollars just on their content alone and they are multi-billion dollar organizations

You can see there the power of UX and how it when applied to business that can make money as well if you look at Daniel Eck who’s a Swedish billionaire entrepreneur

Who is well known for founding?

co-founding Spotify that now is worth two point five billion US dollars 2.5 billion US dollars for a music streaming platform and by no last by no means least you know this one I want to mention is Apple as you know is the most valuable company in the world but they’re keeping I want to pay attention to is that user experience

Also has a direct impact on a brand’s credibility by providing a frictionless user experience organizations can positively impact customer satisfaction and their PI increase their trust in their system.

That’s what we’ve seen with Apple is that because their customer experience in satisfaction is if not one of the highest in the world you can see that people trust to use their phones and the applications and everything else that comes along with their system as well.

So it’s really important as a designer to think about the holistic experience with the brand and how you can improve that process along the way as well.

so you look at this consultancy called Walker they said that” by 2020 customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator customer experience”

so where before people were competing on price by 2020 we’re going to compete on customer experience who has the best customer experience and who is consistently working on it non-stop.


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