Best practices for B2B website service Page

Best practices for B2B website service Page  

B2 B’s website must look good to all users. This effect appears when the number of visitor increase. But what are the best practices that lead to increased users? Guess what increases users on B2B website service Page? The reason behind this is the good strategy. As well as

  • Content marketing  
  •  Good UX  
  • CRO  
  • SEO  
  • …and more  

What is the B2B website?   

B2B website is the website that attracts leads to your business and this will help your brand to grow. To achieve this your website should apply these three points It must:  

  •  increase the traffic: your website must be discoverable in organic search and all channels that help your website in reaching users  
  • Engaging the visitors: it ranges from creating the connection to providing a clear customers journey and excellent user experience  
  • Converting the visitors into clients: your website must take the anonymous visitor and help him to make decisions and complete the purchase process.  

Best practices for B2B website service Page.  

  1. Short headlines  
  1. Keywords optimization   
  1. Answer all asked questions  
  1.  Visual authenticity  
  1.  Visual hierarchy  
  1. Consequential subheading  
  1. Short and meaningful paragraphs  
  1. Real testimonials from clients  
  1. Visualization for everything you say  
  1. Numerical performance results  
  1. Optimize the CRO  
  1. Use SEO 
  1. Good UX   
  1. Call to action  

Short headlines  

The headlines must be concise and descriptive because users don’t want to waste their tim And Everyone wants to know what you are doing.  

When they land on your homepage they want to know where they are and what they can find on your homepage.

so headlines must be very clear, specific and try to support it by facts as you can.  

 Keywords optimization  

It is a very important point because the keywords that make your page appear on search engines.and you should use the phrases which users use to search about their needs.  

To use the keywords and phrases which users use it you should use some of the tools which may help you in achieving your goal and find all keywords which can help you to appear in search engines.  

Tools like   

All these tools can help you to find the appropriate phrases.  

You must use the long-tail keywords which don’t have high competition   

The critical point in keywords is bringing the keywords which have high search volume and low competition we can help you when you visit us.  

Answer all asked questions  

You should add a section to answer all the users’ questions to avoid extra phone calls the answering of the questions will increase the trust and will make your users feel like a partner.  

The best service B2B pages present answering about their services.  

You must addFAQ section to answer the questions of the users.  

Visual authenticity  

For your B2B service page to be very quakily recognized you must use the visualization that will make your users take attention  

How you use the visualization  

  • Create a very exciting logo and put it at the top of your page   
  • Give photos for your awards to confirm your quality   
  • Tell the users about your partnership and show the review for previous clients   

When you did this the authority will increase between you and your users. And more users will come.  

Visual hierarchy  

The users don’t have the time to read all the words and eye see first so you must be interested in visualizations.  

Make them transform smoothly with their eyes to pleasure and continue on your B2B service page.  

So, you should be interested in the colors and all visual features of your page.  

Make sure that the very visualization you added help your users and don’t make them bored  

Consequential subheading  

The users will read your content based on subheadings.  

The B2B page service subheading should describe the content blow it so  

 If you use random subheadings the users will take a bad impression of your page and will go back quickly.  

So, you should use high-quality content and subheadings  

Short and meaningful paragraphs  

It is very important to know that your text must behave in short paragraphs. No more than 4 sentences. When the user’s eyes fall on a lot of words they will not care and go back.  

But if your structure and paragraphs are short, they will read it and try to understand.  

Real testimonials from clients  

It will increase the authority when you show the review of previous customers  

You can show these reviews in different formats  

  • Videos   
  • Text   
  • Audios  
  • Or mix between them.  

The preview is the thing that you can’t fake. A lot of people before using any services they want to see the users review before they take the services.  

Visualization for everything you say  

 Images, videos, graphics, and logos are very attractive more than when you use text only.  

You can by using pictures to explain what you want and the idea reaches the reader without using a lot of words.  

By using images, you make the reader doesn’t feel boring   

Images and videos are very important to SEO to have a high rank in search engines.  

Add your team photos on your B2B service page when users see real faces, they will feel Beter and the impact of these real photos are incredible  

The visual them the first thing that will bring the attention of your users and the text will engage them.  

Numerical performance results  

when the users don’t let their reviews and you want to appear your efficiency instead of the review by data and statistics.  

  • Tell your users about the number of years which you worked  
  • The number of projects which you finished.  
  • How many companies which you worked with it?  
  • Show how many a number of the team you have?  

These statistics will increase your chance of getting a lot of works and increase the target audiences   

Optimize the CRO  

What is CRO?  

 It is simply is Conversation rate optimization  

It is the activates on your pages that increase the percentage of users who perform desired action on your B2B service page this action may be is purchase process sign up.  

Another definition of CRO: the process which by it can understand what is driving and what is stopping and persuades your users, so to give them excellent user experiences.  

How you measure CRO.  

By dividing the number of conversations by the total of visitors and multiplying the result by 100 to get the percentage   

For example, if your B2B page services had 20 sales and had 400 visitors your conversation rate will   

20/400=,05 multiplied by 100 your CRO for your page is,05 *100 is 5%  

CRO best practices—and why they’re dangerous  

You can increase your CRO by:  

  • Use strong color for a call to the action and use big font   
  • Put the call to action above the fold  
  • Use the word of urgency (offer )this will lead to great sales  
  • Always show the testimonials  

 These are all the best practices for increasing your conversation rate.  

The best optimization tool for CRO.  

Your brain your eyes and your mouth are free tools to increase your CRO by understanding your customers.   

How you can use these free tools   
  • Note what your users say about your website.  
  • Identify how many people use your website?  
  • Talk about your product and your services.  
  • Interested in the staff who sell and support your products.  
  • Try to take a lot of feedback  

 We will transform to the quantitive tools  

Quantities tools will help you to track what happens on your website. They include   
Qualitative tools: help you to get qualitative data to grasp the behavior of your users on your website. they include:  
  • Website feedback tool: on-page and external links when visitors are asked about their experiences  
  • Website session recording: show how many individual users landed on your website.  
  • Usability testing tools: use to take the user’s opinions and their thoughts to optimize your website.  

Tools to test changes and measure improvements.  

When you collect the quantitative and qualitative feedback  

You can detect what exactly happened on your website.   

Test tools can help you to make changes and enhancements to your website to see if all efforts go in the right way or not. They include:  

  • A/B testing tool that helps you to test different varieties of pages to find the best performer  
  • Website heat map that helps you to detect the behavior on a different variation of pages and then you can compare between them  
  • Conversion-tracking analytics: tools help you to track and monitor the conversation   

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Use SEO  

What is SEO:   

The process of enhancing organic traffic on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) is known as SEO (SERP). “Organic search” or “listings” are two more terms for it.   

Assume you started a content marketing blog, but your website does not rank highly in organic search results.  

How you can increase the traffic to your B2B service page?  

You created a B2B service page and have high-quality content, services, and products but you have a little number of visitors.   

What are the reasons?  

The reasons you don’t care about can increase the number of visitors to 10x.  

How do you increase the traffic to your B2B service page?  

After you finished creating the website you must do on-page SEO to increase the number of target audiences.   

On-page SEO: any activities and enhancements on your website.  

On-page SEO include:  

  • understanding how google select these contents for ranking  
  • URL  
  • title tag  
  • meta description  
  • create your content  
  • visual content  
  • internal links  
  • make your website mobile-friendliness  
  • keywords  

After you finished from on-page SEO you should transform to off-page SEO  

off-page SEO: any activities and enhancements out your website.  

off-page SEO include:  

  • Backlinks    
  • Brand mentions    
  • Guest posts    
  • Social media    
  • Influencer marketing    
Analyze your backlink profile    

Backlinks are the most important factor in off-page SEO because it builds the authority of your page. Google depends on this authority to rank the results. Backlinks are signals to attract the search engines to your content.  

Natural links occur when the publisher links to you.    

Unnatural links occur when you build these links.    

show ahrefs tool which can detect your website backlinks  

show ahrefs tool which can detect your website backlinks  

How to transform authority to your website.  

  • High-quality content and very valuable content.  
  • Interact positively with pages that have the same content  
  • Analysis competitor to know why they have a lot of dofollw links  
  • Guest post on the website which has interesting for my content.  
Impact social media     

So why social media is very important?    

When you share your content across social media channels this increases your chance of reaching those who are interested in your content.    

Influencer marketing may also boost your website’s off-page authority and bring your content in front of more people.    

Boost Branded Mentions     

Since that links are Google’s indicator for online connections, it stands to reason that mentions would likewise give related information.    

You may optimize for social media brand mentions as an off-page SEO aspect. Create an engaging and targeted social media strategy to boost the number of times your business is mentioned across numerous platforms.    

Improve Local SEO    

If your company has a physical location or service area, local SEO is a must-have kind of off-page optimization. Google My Business is the primary local off-page SEO method that you should implement.    

You must make the integration between on-page and off-page SEO this will increase your traffic by 10x.  

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 Good UX 

What is UX: is the process which detect the impression of the users when they use your product. 

UX Principles to Help You Design a Better Product 

It’s my responsibility to get into the head of a user. I need to look at design from the perspective of a user (or a group of users) and eliminate any possible issues or misunderstandings. 

I’ve compiled a list of UX principles that I use to drive my design approach to keep your product on track.  

Understanding how and why to make UX decisions may help you explain things to people on your team, which can help you get those UX decisions into the final product even faster. 


Good design is simple to understand: the brain shouldn’t have to work too hard to figure out what it’s looking at. 

 Hopefully, folks will “understand it” without the need for a six-part explanation. 

This is more than just clean, easy-to-read text. People often require help making judgments, so a menu with 12 lined items might be intimidating. 

Organizing using some hierarchy (size, colour, icons) might help people locate what they’re seeking for faster by highlighting the most common options. 

To get to the bottom of the funnel, think about all the decisions you’re asking someone to make with your product. During the day, the brain has a finite quantity of cognitive resources, thus wasting them is impolite. 


Good design is straightforward. In addition to comprehending the words in your value prop, the user must comprehend the actual value. 

 It’s not going to gain you any admirers if you’re vague or secretive about your goods. 

Pricing, like value, is an area where clarity is critical. 

 Users won’t click “Buy now” if they can’t figure out how much you’re asking for. 

 While dodgy “free trials” that switch to auto-billing are common, I doubt they’re popular. 


It’s simple to believe in good design. Make every attempt to let someone comprehend why a job is required before asking them to execute it. 

 At each stage of the funnel, being honest and transparent in your explanations develops trust, which leads to simpler conversions. 

Removing uncertainty will result in an experience that becomes increasingly invisible. 

 Using the product gets easier and more pleasurable as decisions demand less and less resources. 


Delight is when someone forgets your product is a “product”—when it’s so beneficial that it’s no longer read as a product, but rather as something valuable in someone’s life. 

If you want to have high UX design we can help you when you visit our website 

Call to action  

Your website page must be ended with a compelling call to action. This helps to push users to become customers.  

Without the call to action, your service page is incomplete.  

Best B2B website service page  

  • Unity Technologies  
  • Formulabs  
  • ROI stream  

 Finally, I hope you understand what is B2B service page and the best practices to enhance your B2B service page. 


B2Bpage services: is the website that attracts leads to your business and this will help your brand to grow. To achieve this your website should apply these 

Best practices for B2B website service Page. 

  •  Short headlines  
  • Keywords optimization   
  • Answer all asked questions  
  •  Visual authenticity  
  •  Visual hierarchy  
  • Consequential subheading  
  • Short and meaningful paragraphs  
  • Real testimonials from clients  
  • Visualization for everything you say  
  • Numerical performance results  
  • Optimize the CRO  
  • Use SEO   
  • Good UX 
  • Call to action 

 Best B2B website service page 

Unity Technologies  


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