Sandy Khalil

UX and Marketing.

What is the Importance of User Experience in Digital Marketing? We’re going to look at some UX design principles and basically what role it plays in digital marketing. Creating a user-centric experience of the tagline that we’ve used fancy tagline. So let’s look at a few things, What does good user experience and versus bad …

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How to Make A Sitemap.

Creating a sitemap can be a very important part of any web design or project. A sitemap is not a new thing. It has been around since 2005, which is the time Google released the first-ever sitemap protocol. After that, MSN and Yahoo also started supporting the protocol. Sitemaps are lines of metadata about the …

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The moment you click on the title of our article, you are about to learn two terms that are very important in the world of website designs or mobile applications “UX Vs UI”. If you are outside or new to the design industry you can’t tell the UX from UI. And when you said the …

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